In May, we offer you the possibility to leave the stress behind and joining us in our Yoga Retreat weeks. 


Waking up with a Vinjasa practice on the beach with the Atlantic Ocean view is our favourite way to start the day. After this, a healthy breakfast buffet is waiting for you at home. To be followed by some free time, another Yoga practice and an amazing international dinner. Two times per week we have a workshop where we approach to different themes about Yoga.


Johanna, our Yoga teacher, is specialised in Vinjasa Yoga, which is based on Hatha Yoga and the series of Ahstanga Yoga with a creative flow that allows you to set your focus on a specific subject or theme.  For example, Surfers Flow, which will be also in our schedule. Surfing demands a lot from the body and often tightens up muscles around the back, shoulders and hips. In this class we focus on lengthening and releasing pressure in the spine, shoulders, hips and hamstrings to help re-balance your body. Extra focus will go to core strength, balance and breath awareness as we all know that a strong core and a calm mind are great tools in the water.


7 nights of accommodation in our dorm or double room

7 breakfast buffet 

6 vegetarian/vegan dinner*

7 sessions of Vinyasa Yoga in the morning, 90 minutes

7 sessions of Yoga practice in the afternoon, 60 minutes - Different styles.

2 Yoga Workshop, 45 minutes

*Our kitchen opens 6 nights per week, leaving one night the possibility to explore one of the local restaurants in the area or joining us in our picnic nights.

According to follow properly the Yoga retreat, all the meals during this week will be vegetarian. 



Single bed in Dorm - 360€

Double room - 425€ per person

Double room single use - 615€

Surf course 5 days/2h - 155€ extra

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