Surf in Fuerteventura


Often referred to as the European answer to Hawaii, Fuerteventura have some of the best and most consistent surf in Europe throughout the year. We are located on the North Sore where are the best surf spots in the island. Left and right reef breaks, beach breaks or point breaks; from beginner to expert surfer, there is a spot for everyone.


You have never surfed before and want to give it a try? We have a plan for you! We go to a beautiful beach with perfect conditions to learn, we provide you the best equipment and all our knowledge! From 3 to 4 hours per day.

1 day - 50€
5 days - 250€
*with material and transport included.


Already feeling comfortable in the water and improving with the green waves? We go to the spot with the best conditions for your level and work in specific goals along the lesson. Turns, body position and the right paddle technique are some of the most important aspects we will work on. From 3 to 4 hours per day.

1 day - 50€
5 days - 250€
with material and transport included.


For advanced surfers who has experience in green waves and paddle resistance. Our instructor will drive with you to the best spot according to your level and the conditions. He will explain you how and where to get in and out in that particular spot, rips and tide conditions. The instructor will guide you during the whole session working in specific goals set up in advance. About 4 hours including the transport and spot selection.

1 person 65€

*Video analysis on request*