Surfspots in France

Our surfspot in Vieux Boucau is located on one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in Europe. With a length of 200km white sandy beach, Vieux Boucau  is really special andwe are in the middle of it.  Simply it really is the place to just be.

Vieux Boucau is located about 30 minutes north of the world famous Hossegor, where every year in October the World Cup Tour takes place.  The best surfers from all over the world compete there.Laurent worked for ten years as a jetskie driver and was responsible for the water savety for the Professiolnal and famous surfers.

Of course we will visit the Competition with you.

In the south of Hossegor the long beach  slowly ends and the coast becomes a bit more winding, that does not mean that the waves get bad. It means you will find different waves with different shapes and also reef and point breaks. Long Story short: Amazing waves down south. When you keep driving south you will arrive at the Spanish Basque Country. From Vieux Boucau to The spanish border it only takes an hour by car.

North of Vieux Boucau the coast runs just straight north to Bordeaux where isolated smaller villages can be found. Really everywhere the chances are high to find exactly the right  surf spot for your desires. Since we depend on the right tides  and sandbanks, the search is always very exciting. That's why surfers from all over the world love France.