Skate- & Longboarding

To all skaters or those who want to become one.
Vieux Boucau has a skate park just 2 minutes from Longwave Camp.
As we are passionate skateboarders from your Longwave team, we will try to motivate and skate as often as possible. For all those who have never been on the skateboard, we will of course, give you all our tips and tricks to you and share the experience. Everywhere in town and around our Surf camp you will find great skate conditions to just roll, cruise or visit the beach.

On-site skate trips to other skate parks can be organized as there are plenty in the region. The boards are at your disposal!

The same goes for the longboards, which are at leisure and want to be used. There is super longboard stretch to explore, you can cruise through the pine forest. Again, we offer our help to show you the right technique.