Your Longwave Team

Hello everyone!

We would like to introduce ourselves to you. Our names are Marcel and Maria. We are both 32 years old and a german / spanish team.

After years of planning and dreaming, two years ago we opened our Longwave Surf Villa in Vieux Boucau.

We want to be your friend and host. See you here.
Marcel & Maria


Actually, I'm just a surfer, who feels at home all over the world and especially in southwest France for years. I've been on the road for over 10 years, traveling regularly to countries like France, Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. My wanderlust drove me into the distance of Indonesia, Australia, California, Vietnam, etc. The experiences I have had during this time, the impressions I have gained are indescribable and I am very grateful for this time. Now I want to share this feeling with you and fulfill my biggest dream with the opening of the surfhouse Longwave Vieux Boucau.


To me, I'm from Zaragoza Spain I'm 30 years old and I love traveling, surfing and COOKING. After many years working as a journalist, I have traveled the world to pursue my passion. I love being with people, laughing and sharing my new recipes :). I'm a confident vegan chef, but I respect those who think differently and I'm super happy to cook any type of food.


Hello, my name is Rosita. People say I’m a French Bulldog but I think I’m unique and just… me. I have been enjoying this beautiful life for 6 years, so, I’m not super young but I still love playing around and chasing kids. 

The most important things for me are: Food, food and food :D But I really enjoy chilling on the sun, kissing people and, for sure, running on the beach. I never have problems with anyone (animal or human). I can say that I’m really open mind and I have energy to all of you. 

Can’t wait to spend some time with you at Longwave! See you around!