High quality food

In Longwave we are really focus in offering a high quality food.

We always cook using fresh and local products, offering very diversity meals, based on a Mediterranean diet.

We serve a breakfast buffet with plenty of different options. For dinner, we cook a homemade 5 dishes meal, always offering the perfect balance after a long day of surfing.

Our kitchen opens 6 nights for week, leaving one night the possibility to explore one of the local restaurants in the area or joining us in our picnic nights*.

Maria, our Spanish chef prepares international dishes. Be ready to enjoy something different everyday.

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We offer DAILY YOGA PRACTICEs on the beach or on the forest to help you to improve your flexibility and strength.


Most of us don't associate yoga with surfing, as they're just two different activities, but surprisingly, engaging in both can have a dynamic effect on each. 


Yoga and surf are extremely connected to each other. Here we explain you the benefits of Yoga for Surfing.



Yoga is known for increasing a practitioners flexibility, through gently breathing and allowing muscles to relax and stretch to be more flexible. This will help you to  increase your flexibility on the board, reduce stiffness, have less injuries and recover your body quicker!


 Surfers are aware that their lower back, shoulders, arms and core are key, and yoga helps strengthen and recover these points. Through holding poses, staying aligned in moving flows and sometimes doing fast and intense routines, strength is built and can be focused on these core areas.


A lot of yoga poses require balance and using your breath, focus and strength to achieve nicely balanced postures. Surfing is about balance, finding the balance to hold the right posture on the board and ride the wave

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Activities in Vieux-Boucau

From a professional surf class, to a relaxing day at the lake with your friends, Vieux-Boucau offers a variety of activities for every age! To make your holiday in our surf camp Vieux-Boucau perfect, we offer you a lot of information and possibilities to plan your perfect surfing experience. You are welcome anytime to use our new material for activities at our camp.

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Our surf school

The Longwave surf school offers professional lessons and the latest material for all the levels. Integrated into our house it offers an easy access for our guests.
Beginner, intermediate and advance, we work with the best techniques to take your surfing skills to the next step. 

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